The important first step

So, you’re depressed and/or anxious and it’s holding you back.

You dream of success with your business but drown in negative thoughts.

What do you do?

Most people suffer in silence and do nothing.

But you must do something. And the first thing you should do is seek help.

It is okay to ask for help. We are all just living our lives and nobody is an expert on you. Most people aren’t even an expert on themselves.

So don’t you dare feel bad about asking for help and support.

And you must learn to ignore other people’s opinions about you. That’s their business and they don’t know you anyway.

Screw them. People that judge others for getting help need more help than anyone.

But don’t expect for others to solve your problems for you. You are the one that does that, people and professionals can just give you some extra tools.

Remember this: nobody actually knows what the hell is going on in this universe!

Seriously, the fact that we are even alive and I’m here writing all of these notions and concepts which you are able to read, interpret and even implement is a MYSTERY!

It could even be a MIRACLE. You are a human being, flying through the universe on a giant, life enriched rock, at 300km per second.

Nobody knows why or how we really exist. Scientists of various disciplines have come up with all kinds of models and many even claim to have answers.

But they change their minds all the damn time and let’s not even get started on quantum physics.

The latest out of quantum physics suggests that we don’t even exist at all!!!

Not physically, at least, anyway.

So we are alive, for some reason, as humans with incredible intelligence and wild emotions.

We love, we laugh, we hate, we hurt. For a short period of time.

In terms of how old the universe is (around 13.8 billion years, the last time scientists concurred) you will be around for a split second even if you live to be 99!

So, without going too deep down that rabbit hole, let’s just agree that life is a mystery and nobody knows shit.

Moving on from that but taking the idea on board, you are left with some options:

  1. Sit and think about whether it all matters and ponder existence some more, ultimately leading to more anxiety
  2. Get off your butt and do something about your life

Now, if you can’t get help (or won’t – I don’t judge) then you HAVE TO help yourself.

Despite how insignificant the lifespan of a human may seem, you can achieve UNBELIEVABLE greatness in your life.

Even if you are, say, in your 30s now and feeling a bit unaccomplished or in a rut – you can STILL make a PHENOMENAL impact on the world.

You can literally write your own story starting right NOW!

But if you are sitting there feeling like the weight of everything is crushing you – take a minute and focus on 3 things that you are grateful for.

You must have something. If you’re reading this you have eyes. So be infinitely grateful for your eyes! The ability to see.

You have the gift of sight – some people do not.

Heck, even the ability to read. Be grateful.

You got legs? Be grateful. Realise just how lucky you are to be able to walk – some people can’t.

Even if you can’t walk, do you have a wheelchair? Be grateful for that piece of technology that gives you some mobility.

Do you have a friend? Even if it’s just one friend, who is a bit flaky – be grateful for them.

Family? You have people that care about you? Recognise how lucky you are.

You have a business? Even if it’s not doing as well as you want, at least you have something and the fact we are free to take that opportunity is something to be grateful for.

Look, I know better than most people that simply feeling grateful for those things isn’t necessarily going to transform your life overnight.

But recognising them, grounding yourself and getting those positive feelings stirring is essential.

With the best will in the world, professionals and people that care about you can only get you so far.

You must be willing to help yourself.

And the gratitude practice is just one thing you can do in order to start conquering your OWN mind and writing your story.

So this is the first step.

Forget business strategies and scaling up until you can conquer your mind every morning enough to go ahead and own the day.

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