Hey guys, I’m listing here a bunch of charities (mostly mental health based in the UK) that we are actively going to support on our journey of changing lives.

Go ahead and follow the links to get more info and donate.

As well as helping you overcome your mental health problems and create a massively successful business, we want to extend our reach into changing the lives of the wider community by raising awareness and supporting great causes!



This charity is set up to provide immediate mental health information and support online. There is detailed information about all mental health issues and links to get support when you need it most.

Outlook SouthWest


This is an organisation in my local area that works with the NHS to treat patients with various mental health issues.



This UK charity works to improve the life of anyone affected by mental illness, even friends, families and carers.

Mental Health Foundation


Helping pioneer change through rigorous and practical research to raise awareness and improve understanding and effects of mental health problems.

If you want to suggest a charity or cause to feature in any country, just send us a mail and we’ll look into it!