By conquering my mind I’ve created a thriving business

My name is Chris Fennell, I’m 32 years old and for my whole adult life I’ve suffered from severe anxiety and depression. I know – sounds reaaallly interesting…. yawn…

But don’t worry, this is no sob story.

I’ve always had an unstoppable drive to be an entrepreneur and I have always been smart enough, but never enjoyed education at any level.

So without much formal education or any qualifications, my entrepreneurial journey has been a bumpy road. Being depressed and anxious has held me back even further!

My only joy was found in partying waaay too much and wasting time with friends.

Aside from that, the burning desire for a business would eat away at me but the anxiety and million-mile-per hour negative thought storms would hold me back.

Some days, or even for weeks at a time, I’d be too low to consider leaving the house let alone try and put together a business.

And when I finally quit my job with a full tank of motivation to finally get started – it went horribly wrong and I fell even deeper back into my lonely hole of depression and anxiety.

That was back in 2009. Since then I’ve tried tons of different online business models, followed guru training programs, gotten jobs in online companies, spent shed loads of cash trying to find the “secret” to building a successful online business.

This gained me some experience but the debt was piling up. Over £27k worth of debts to be precise.

But it wasn’t until 2016 that I finally had a breakthrough.

The year was shaping up just like all the others. Depressed and unable to work for anybody as it makes it worse. So I’m exploring business ideas, coming up with nothing.

2016 was looking to be yet another washout and I’d just turned 30 years old. I’d been scraping by with a freelance web development business, but things were drying up.

Therapists and doctors can only get me so far before I fall into another slump, so I started to set some goals for myself.

I wanted to be free, live a good life, get out of debt and be able to afford the good things in life.

So, lot’s of hard work, learning and reading took place.

I began implementing daily routines which involved a lot of mindfulness and gratitude practices.

On top of that, I turbo-charged my business and marketing knowledge by reading books with the highest accolades.

My processes have evolved from there and I’ve been able to put together a viable online business by implementing what I’ve learned AND helping others by providing solutions to their problems.

I still have bad days. Even bad weeks – but I am on top of my feelings and business is going well.

I’ve built up my business from zero to now 5-figures per month through an online model and I’m going to donate 5% of profits each year to charities in order to make a real impact and do my bit to change the world.